Funnel breakdowns

GoDaddy knows how to make bank by asking you if your email address is correct

I have a secret shame and it is buying domains I won’t or don’t use. I am reforming, but it will take time. While I’m working that out let’s take a look at a hardworking tactic from late in GoDaddy’s funnel.     GoDaddy sent me an email about updating my personal details that is […]

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4 ways to avoid leaving money on the table with funnel design

I recently received a letter from my alma mater asking for money. They made 3 key mistakes in constructing this donation funnel. I’m going to explain how you can avoid these issues to reduce funnel friction and improve conversion. I think fondly of my alma mater and I’m predisposed to donate. This is somewhat common […]

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How to use anticipation and social psychology to get more sales

How can Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich) make millions with a single email? Let’s start by checking out the funnel at a high level. This is a simplified view of the funnel, but it’s meant to convey the entry points and strategy used to move leads to paid conversion. The primary site […]

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