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You can also use the calculator in full screen. How long will my retirement last OR How long will $1,000,000 last? This could also be a question formed about a windfall or sudden acquisition of some wealth like: How long will my financial windfall from an inheritance or life insurance last? Or perhaps the answer […]


Simple savings calculator You can experiment with savings goals and timing using our simplified interactive calculator. Over time, the US stock market has returned 6-7%. Completely “risk-free” returns as of this writing are between 2.5-3% for 1-5 year CDs and bonds. These interest rates should give you some idea what to try for your savings […]

You can also use the calculator in full screen. Free budget calculator This is a great place to get started visualizing and understanding your monthly budget. It isn’t important to make the most complete or the best budget possible the first time out. It’s critical to just get started. Getting started with budgeting We have […]