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If you’re not sure what Monte Carlo is, please checkout our explanation in part one. Otherwise, please proceed after downloading the simple Excel template this article explains. This model is intended more as a vehicle for understanding the ins and outs of how it works and less as a ready made retirement calculator. Please download […]

We want to offer a conceptual understanding here of Monte Carlo simulations so that you know why someone might use them and how you should feel about them when receiving decision making advice based on this type of model. Why should you care about Monte Carlo simulations? If you’re involved in finance, retirement planning, project […]

The normal distribution

If you’re looking for an explanation of Monte Carlo please take a look at our breakdown of the method before this piece. If you want a very simple Excel model, start with our bare bones version to improve your understanding. If you’re here for a strong Monte Carlo simulation tool for retirement spending then you’re […]

How are people scraping by on high incomes with Financial Samurai. Intro:                  Hello, and welcome to Your Money Over Coffee, the daily discussion zone for your cash, investments, credit and financial future. Most days, we examine an article or two, but sometimes, we speak with a guest or reveal a product. Robert Graham:                  Welcome to […]