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You can also use the calculator in full screen. Free budget calculator This is a great place to get started visualizing and understanding your monthly budget. It isn’t important to make the most complete or the best budget possible the first time out. It’s critical to just get started. Getting started with budgeting We have […]

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What is budgeting? Budgeting is different from accounting. Accounting is registering what happened with money. Budgeting is understanding your priorities and values and assigning your money to those before you spend it. Figuring your values and priorities is usually a worthy exercise. Looking at what you’re actually spending towards them is highly enlightening and can […]

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50/30/20 is about maximum simplicity and minimal uncertainty especially for those new to budgeting or renewing a commitment to taking care of their personal finances. These numbers serve as rules of thumb that can help you get started budgeting. 50/30 for needs and wants are maximum numbers. Ideally you will spend less on those categories […]

An interesting review of an interesting book on how to think about money from a WSJ financial writer.

What can you learn from buying a boat?

We learn from a good story in minimalism and intentionality from a serial mover.

If you are a good student or poor student in high school should that change how you consider college?

A man conquered the American West before anyone from the West had laid eyes on terrain beyond St. Louis. What conquered Meriwether Lewis?

How would your behavior at work change if you thought of your career the way an investor thinks about a rental property?