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Budgeting styles

What is budgeting? Budgeting is different from accounting. Accounting is registering what happened with money. Budgeting is understanding your priorities and values and assigning your money to those before you spend it. Figuring your values and priorities is usually a worthy exercise, but looking at what you’re actually spending towards them is highly enlightening and […]

Google Sheets budget template

You can open the Google Sheets budget template we created and make a copy to use yourself. This template is flexible and can be used with a variety of styles of budgeting. We tend to prefer starting with zero-based budgeting, but we don’t think it’s necessarily the best form of budget to carry forever. The […]

The 50/30/20 budget concept

This is a simple budgeting concept intended to provide maximum simplicity and minimal uncertainty especially for those new to budgeting or renewing a commitment to taking care of their personal finances. These numbers serve as rules of thumb that can help you get started budgeting. 50/30 for needs and wants are maximum numbers. Ideally you […]