Gain total control of your financial future.

Pay off debt. Meet your financial goals. Involve your partner.
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Budget your way: envelopes, alerts, or one category.

Keepify takes the drudgery out of budgeting. You don’t budget because you love it. Achieve your financial goals like a great vacation, retirement, or get out of debt. Keepify is designed with these goals in mind.
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Save money every month

Our users save as much as $500 in thirty days. Keepify connects users with their spouse or friends to provide both accountability and better odds you stick with it.



Integrate your financial accounts and rely on enterprise grade security or use Keepify unlinked and import your transactions.

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Use linked accounts, reports, and alerts to make sure your spending is always right, especially if you share your budget.

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Take control

Get started now. We offer a 35 day free trial to take control of your financial future today.

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"We cut our restaurant spending in half this month...I'm excited to get our spending under control."

Clark, Austin

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Coordinate spending instantly, anywhere

Eliminate stress

Make it easier to know what you can spend where. Keep track of what you can change. Stay in sync with your partner.

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Never enter a transaction or enter all of them.

Automate budgeting drudgery

Stay in sync without manual labor. Simply categorize what you need to. Get your 80% benefit for 20% effort. Add any account you need to.

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